I see what they did there.

Apart from being a period of relaxation, experiencing new cultures and places does broaden your perspective on life. Traveling is definitely a part of my life’ plan, and something I will prioritize. So here are here are five places I would love to visit.


Paris seems like a great place to be in, but I’m more drawn to the South of France, and the smaller towns surrounding the busy capital. The scenery there is so relaxed, it’s honestly so beautiful to me.

2)South Korea:

I’d have to blame this desire on my Korean Drama watching, but South Korea is definitely somewhere I would love to visit. Everytime I see the food in a scene I want to go even more.


Apparently Thai food is the best thing since sliced bread. I’ll have to experience it to give a consise report.

Wow, the fact that food is what attracts me to two countries says a lot about my character.


I’ve been wanting to go here for the longest time! The beachsides look so zen, so inviting.


A whole continent, I know, but I don’t even know which part I want to go to. I just want to experience it in all it’s beauty.

I’m honestly wishing I was Jasmine at this point, so Aladdin could show me the world (as I do really want to see it all ) but we shall take it one day at a time.

Till tomorrow, folks.

Day 5:Check.

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