The concept of the goodness of God is something that I – and a lot of believers – have wrestled with at some point on our journeys. Why?

The concept of the goodness of God is something that I – and a lot of believers – have wrestled with at some point on our journeys. Why? Because we all have that thought at the back of our heads that He is good only when things are apparently going good in the moment. He has to look good to us to be a good God, and when anything deviates slightly from that normal, we kick and scream like toddlers being dragged from their favourite toy, pointing accusing fingers at Him. We cry out, “why did this happen to me if you’re a good God?”. If we let things go unresolved, we begin to grow resentment in our hearts from what we perceive as unanswered prayers, or we go into near-depression with the thought that God is good to everyone else but us.

Is God good? Yes. Is He kind? Without a doubt. Does it always feel that way? No. We can experience situations which suck in the moment and think we are at a dead end, but to a God who sees the end from the beginning, that’s just a curve on the road.

Today Christians all over the world are celebrating Good Friday. Think on this: we are actually celebrating someone’s death. Death is usually perceived as bad, and hardly ever celebrated as an achievement. Not for Jesus. His death for all for us was the biggest sacrifice and act of love. What’s greater act of goodness is there? We see it now and rejoice on this day because we know how the story ends. We know that death was not the end of Jesus. We celebrate because we know the end of this tale.

You, on the other hand, do not know how your story ends.

You neither have or can (ordinarily) see the full picture right now. We’re like the disciples in the moments leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus who were confused, sad and running for their lives. In that moment, they thought the Christ was gone. That’s how we are now, going through a phase in life landing thinking that we are at the end. Thinking that God is no longer good because things are harder.

As a believer in Christ, I believe in the goodness of God. I have experienced the goodness of God. I have also been in situations where the present circumstances threatened to rid my heart of the knowledge that He is good. What keeps me going is knowing that He sees the full picture, knowing that He has my best interests at heart. Goodness is His nature, regardless of my present feelings. I try to assure myself with the knowledge that He who sees & knows all loves and would not act to harm me. The crucifixion was hard on everyone, including Jesus, but we can look back and celebrate today because we know that salvation & righteousness in Christ is now possible because of it. I wil believe that at some point later in my life, I will be able to reflect on that period in time and also call it Good.

Happy Good Friday!

Peace & Joy to you all ❤.

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