30-Day Writing Challenge



Inspiration is all around me, in so many people. All inspire me in different ways, and teach me many important lessons. I have to focus on one today.

If you’re searching for top Nigerian Youtubers/content creators on beauty, fashion and lifestyle, Miss Dimma Umeh is likely to be top on that list. She has paid her dues in this growing Youtube space. In 2013, when it was still quite a novel thing for most Nigerians, she had begun to put her videos up. Right now she has garnered almost 300 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and has had million of views on several of her videos. For a Nigerian Youtuber living in Nigeria, I consider this a huge feat.

Here’s a picture of her for more context:

Dimma Umeh – Nigerian content creator

So what inspires me about Dimma? A few things actually. For starters, she started doing something at a time and place where it was not seen as a popular or trendy thing to do. Having a Youtube channel is now seen as a cool thing to do, then it wasn’t. But that didn’t deter her. Her perseverance and dedication in making her channel the success that it is today is really admirable.

Dimma Umeh

If you’ve ever watched a video of hers, you will note that she speaks authentically. Born and raised in Enugu, Eastern Nigeria, she’s spent almost all her life here, and her accent represents that. Before I knew of her, I was getting frustrated with all the forced accents I was hearing on Nigerian media (because let’s face it, we know how real ones sound). In a world where it seems socially acceptable for public figures to hijack certain accents in an attempt to not sound “local”, her authenticity is something I appreciate and admire a lot.

She has spoken up several times (even dedicated a video of hers to it) on the Accent Falsification epidemic, and how it speaks of a deeper insecurity, inferiority complex and self-hate on some level, which I do not disagree with. However that topic is for another day. With her “local” accent, thousands of people still watch her and hundreds of thousands are still subscribed to her channel. She didn’t “obtain” some foreign accent along the way, and she’s doing very well. There’s a lesson in that.

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Dimma does content creating on YouTube (and other social media platforms), and she does it wellllll! When you click on any of her videos you are rest assured that you will view quality, properly-filmed videos that will entertain and teach you for however long you watch. This is a lesson I can take with me wherever I go; to make sure I’m always putting in my best in whatever job I find myself in.

I learn from her, and from many other people who inspire me, that life is not just about having a dream. It’s about making putting in the work to make that dream a reality, & to never lose yourself and your authenticity in the process.

That’s all for today folks.

Day 4:Check.

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