30-Day Writing Challenge


I got inspired to doing a writing challenge by one of my friends (thank you Ife). A few days later on Pinterest I found the one. I initially was looking for 5-day challenges, because I knew I could do those with little strain, but a little voice in my head went, “if you can do it easily, it no longer is a challenge”.

So here we are, with this 30-day writing challenge. There is a little trepidation, but I’m blocking out all the What Ifs and doing it anyway. I hope you, my dear readers, enjoy this journey with me, and learn a few things along the way.

Here we go!…


I shall do this in no particular order.

1)Good food:

Notice I didn’t just say ‘food’. I mean good, party-in-your-mouth, food-that-makes-you-hum food. Positive culinary experiences tend to lift my spirits a lot.

2)Random gist with mum:

My beautiful Nigerian mother also doubles as one of the funniest orators in my life. Listening to her narrations of seemingly mundane things can have me rolling on the floor sometimes.

3)Laughing with my friends:

The times when we are all together, roaring in laughter, always make me happy. I would describe it as a happy gratitude, because I always feel so blessed to have such wonderful company surrounding me.

4)Waking up and realising I still have more sleep time:

Oh, the joy of looking at your clock and seeing that it’s not your designated wake up time yet.

5)Watching my favorite YouTube videos:

If you see me laughing while being plugged in on my phone, 8 out of 10 you can bet it’s a YouTube video. I watch a variety of things on there, from talk shows and interviews on a myriad of topics to makeup and beauty, to lifestyle and technology. Watching videos became a regular life event for me last year, and it has made me more aware of my interests and oppportunities that exist globally. It’s a desire of mine to contribute to that space sometime in the future.

6)Hearing from someone dear after a long time:

This always warms my heart. Always.

7)Phone calls:

Not the ones from overzealous telecoms service providers o (for heavens’ sake, I have bought your sim. I pay you regularly for airtime and overpriced data. What more do you desire from me?). I am talking about a good phone call with a loved one. I actually enjoy good phone calls more than good text conversations, I don’t know why most of my generation find phone calls uncomfortable.

8) Getting somewhere early:

As a Lagos resident, it is common knowledge that you may leave your house two hours in advance of the start of the event you wish to attend, and still get there late.

Google Maps: “It’s a 40-minute trip, easy peasy”.

Lagos traffic: “Let’s see about that”.

I count an early arrival at my destination as one of the blessings of my day.

9)Playing with babies!:

The level of cuteness those little humans possess is unmatched. No matter the kind of day I’m having, holding them and listening to their adorable coos and babbles always lifts my mood. Babies are just the best.

10) Leaving my room knowing that I look GOOOD:

You know those days when everything just seems to be going so perfectly?Outfit is making several points, hair is cooperating with you, makeup is fresh, and you just take a look at yourself in the mirror to marvel at your beauty?

Yes, those days.

More things which are not on this list make me happy, of course, but for the sake of this challenge and my aching fingers I shall stop here.

Day One: Check.

By Ada & Her Tune.

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