I used to fantasize of a time when I would wake up to no urgent demands of schoolwork, when rest was my major daily activity. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the season has finally come. And it’s not as fun as it seemed in my thoughts.

That is not entirely true; it was really nice for the first week. I loved it. For six years in medical school I had never had a really relaxing sleep-without-thinking-of-exams break. It was so exhilarating.

It was, for the first three weeks.

My induction was a month into this rest season, so I had to take a quick break from resting to go officially become a doctor. Now I’m back to rest.

I don’t know how this is even possible, it sounds so ridiculous to express, but resting can get tiring. I miss having work to do. I know I sound like a workaholic (which I don’t consider myself as).

As eager as I am to get into the next working phase in my life, I have to appreciate this season because it has truly given me more time to think on doing what truly makes me happy and fulfilled. I know my skill set will not entirely fit into the moulds that have been preset by society on how someone like me should be, and I am totally fine with that. Human beings defined them, and human beings will redefine them.

The rest was very much needed, and now it’s making me tired and restless. I must sound like a crazy person.

By Ada & Her Tune.

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Someone once told me “you should go out more” and those words could’ve changed my life, “could’ve” cause I didn’t do it. It was you ada, you’re the someone.


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