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‘Unusual’ Packaging

I’d been looking for my watch for weeks. In my mind, last I checked, it was in a blue and white rectangular box. I searched, I really did. Every box and bag I owned was opened and

literally turned upside down. I even begun speculating if I forgot to pack it from home. A month passed and I eventually got tired of searching. So I just gave up on the whole thing.

Fast forward to a few days ago. I was moving rooms, so there was a lot of packing and unpacking going on. In the process, I picked up a bag that I thought was empty, it was a small black purse which I’d had for the longest time, and almost forgotten that I owned. When I lifted it up it felt a bit heavier than I remembered, so I opened it to check its contents. Yes, you guessed right. Lying in the bag, was my watch.

I then realised why I could not find my watch earlier. I thought that it was in a blue and white box because that was where I would always find it in the past. The idea that it would be somewhere else was so obscene to me, so I did not entertain it even for a second.

I have come to realise that we sadly, could treat God in this manner. Sometimes we put God in a ‘box’; due to past experiences we somehow develop the mindset that there is only a certain way He can do things. We’re so busy looking for answers in a specific way and so bent on it being that way that our minds become narrowed, and we do not recognise the answer if it comes in a different way than what we have preconceived. It’s like we’re telling God, “If you don’t bless me in this particular way, you didn’t bless me at all”.

This God we serve is a dynamic God. He does all things in all ways. One lesson I have learnt this year is that we can request from God but we cannot dictate the way He will answer us. Our place is just to have faith that He will answer, and to be open to however He does it.

The gospels tell us that Jesus healed in different ways. To one He spoke, to another He touched, to the next He rubbed mud on his eye.

They all received healing. They just did not all receive healing in the same way. Should we now say that one had the ‘better’ outcome? Or were they just different routes that led to the same result?

In whatsoever you’re currently believing God for, please don’t underestimate Him. He can do way more, way more than you can imagine. Your answer will definitely come if it is in accordance with His will, it just may not come in the package you expect.

To you who’s reading this, I pray you receive grace to recognise and accept whatever way God speaks to you.

Thank you for reading.

By Ada & Her Tune.

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