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Ladies, can we talk?

I admit, this is probably not what you would expect me to write about first, probably predicted a ‘more serious’ topic. Well, I decided to focus on an item females have contact with on a regular basis: makeup.

For clarity sake and for the benefit of anyone who may not know, I’ll explain what makeup is (if you are in this category please come of out the rock you’re living in). It basically is cosmetics used to beautify the face, and the rest of the body sometimes. There’s foundation, concealer, powders, eyeshadows, lipsticks, contouring & highlighting powders, all the way down to good ol’ lip gloss.

I really like makeup, creating different looks for different occasions is fun for me. I’m also quite focused when I’m in the process, my mind is diverted from the troubles of the day and I’m just doing my makeup calmly, so it’s really a chill process for me.

I don’t have a problem with whatever any lady chooses to do on her face. Whether it’s going au naturel or a full beat, as long as it’s beautiful it’s cool. I however have a slight issue with two groups of women. First off, have you ever met a girl who doesn’t use makeup and “looks down” on those who do, saying things like, “makeup won’t get you a partner” and other obnoxious things? They, for some reason, believe that not using makeup marks their names higher up in the order of dateable/marriageable women. To those in this category , I laugh in Swahili. This issue is not even in the top 10 list of attributes that are important for maintaining a healthy relationship. Truth be told, preferences exist, but it’s not by going natural that you become a better person. It’s by working on your character.

The second group of women, this concerns me more actually, are those who are so dependent on makeup to a point that they cannot do without it, literally. Makeup is really cool, but I believe the first lesson any girl should learn before using it is, more importantly, LOVE YOUR FACE. Makeup shouldn’t be used to hide insecurities, it should accentuate your beauty. I believe that it is possible for these cosmetic products to even become a god if we let it, and that slowly takes the place that God should have in our lives. God has created us beautifully and should be the one we get our self-esteem from, not whatever product we apply on our faces. Also, letting your bare face and your skin pores breathe sometimes is necessary and refreshing (some of these products could cause adverse skin reactions over long continous use), makeup looks even more amazing on skin that is cared for.

Extra info (lol): In the almost-three years I have been exploring with makeup, I have learnt and unlearnt a lot of things. I have learnt that the term “too much makeup” is relative to the person and the occasion involved. Someone who only applies powder will say that adding foundation is too much makeup for me, while a lady who steps out everyday with contour and the works will probably not see it as too much. I think that it is more appropriate at any time to say that it’s too much- for you. I also have learnt that makeup should be place-appropriate, in really humid places you might want to consider stepping it down a notch or two or avoid it if you can, heat ruins makeup and it’s not the best for the skin pores on the face.

Please feel free to comment, I want to know what your views are on this. Till next time!

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14 replies on “Ladies, can we talk?”

Wonderful. I agree with you. People are different and are entitled to what they want to do with themselves. Make up or no make up, no one is better or more marriageable than the other.


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