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What Medical School Has Taught Me

When I was filling out my UTME form and excitedly writing out the words ‘Medicine and Surgery’ in the portion for course of study, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. All I had was my dream of helping people as a doctor, one I’ve had since I was a child, and […]

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“We Don’t Have Money”

“Patient is yet to purchase drugs due to financial constraint”. “Patient is yet to have investigations done due to financial constraint”. Anyone working in the Nigerian health system, or even studying, has probably heard many variations of

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‘Unusual’ Packaging

I’d been looking for my watch for weeks. In my mind, last I checked, it was in a blue and white rectangular box. I searched, I really did. Every box and bag I owned was opened and


Time Is Up.

Alongside the ever-growing body of scientific research and breakthroughs, in the midst of all scholastic, artistic and political achievements being attained all over the world this year and the last, one movement really captured my heart. The last two years will forever go down in history as the period in which people actively took a […]

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Lessons I Hope Nigerians Learn From Yesterday

By now you’ve probably been informed about the tablet explosion that took place close to Otedola Jubilee Estate on Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Over 20 cars burnt, Lord knows how many people burnt to death. The gory images from the scene are so saddening. I’m not coming here to dwell on the tragedy and sadness of it […]