“This You?”

If you have been on Twitter long enough, you most likely know that question and the context it is mostly used in. If you haven’t, I shall explain. Mostly, it involves the resurrection of a person’s tweet(s) from a certain time in the past, quoted under the person’s current tweet, with the question as an accompaniment, when the current tweets are of a different opinion on the same topic than the one which was held in the past.

I don’t like to use the word ‘hate’, because hate is a really strong term, but what I feel for “this you?” Twitter is something adjacent. I think it’s a despicable and disgusting thing. It’s basically people coming to fling your maybe-not-the-best past boldly in your face, as if to say “how dare you think you’re better than your past” or “don’t forget where you came from”. The same platform that preaches the message of allowing ourselves to evolve and change for the better is the one using people’s past as a sword against them. The hypocrisy of it stinks.

The tweet I saw today that captures my take on this issue, and inspired this post.

We all started from somewhere. Some of us may have erroneously documented our point of views at the starting line on social media, but that doesn’t make the ones who didn’t post anything better off. The moment you feel the need to use a past tweet to mock someone for the opinion they now have, or enjoy the moments when it is done, you need to check yourself. If it gives you happiness to unearth the past of others, then I put it to you, you need to realise that such behaviour is not okay. Do better.

Las las I’m very glad to know that I serve a God who won’t “this you?” me on judgement day, or any day ever.

Amen? Amen.

See you soon,


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