On Making Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs & Learning Life Lessons.

I boiled eggs last week. Mundane activity, right? Definitely one that should not be the starting sentence of any blog post anywhere. I apologise. Walk with me though, I have a point, I promise.

All my life, I have been taught to boil eggs while watching the clock. That whole wait-for-the-eggs-to-crack method did not fly with my mother, she lived by the clock, taught my brother and I to abide by it. So we eggs cooked properly when they had been on the boil for 10-12 minutes in our household, every single time.

Then sometime last week I had to boil eggs. I was doing other activities simultaneously, so somehow making a mental note of the starting time eluded me. It was not a big deal to me, because somehow I knew I figured I would know when they were right somehow. At some point, I glanced at the boiling eggs, told myself “I guess that’s enough now” and took them out of the boiling water to deshell them. Every one turned out beautifully. None were cracked, by the way.

It was at this point that I realised there was no actual timer involved in this process. I didn’t check the clock even once.

I was like, “huh, interesting”.

How did I know that eggs were perfectly boiled then? Because I just knew. Because I had boiled eggs a hundred times before, and repetition has consolidated my memory to the point where I could estimate the timeframe, feel completely at ease and have a good result.

This is also how I – and most people who were taught to cook by Nigerian parents – spice food. You have repeated the process so much that sometimes you don’t really need to taste the stew to gauge the flavour in order to add spices accordingly. You add in the ingredients (in quantities that you may have probably eyeballed), and voila, there’s magic in your pot. Of course, this is not a guarantee that mistakes won’t be made, but the more you do it, the more you know how not to do it, the more you learn.

With any new step God leads us to take in our lives, with the excitement also comes an ample amount of anxiety.

Will it succeed?

Will I fail and embarrass myself/others?

Will I ever be good at this?

The answer I have for you is this: you won’t know until you try. After the prayer, after choosing to obey His leading, there is a need to actually step out in faith, take a deep breath and just do it.

Everyone who you admire in a particular field you want to dive into started from somewhere. Your favourite cooks have probably burnt a meal in the past, but they didn’t throw in the towel and go home in defeat. They made their mistakes, they pushed through those trying times. Through it all, they stayed. They kept on cooking. Now we see them do it and it looks like it’s an extension of their arm, it looks so “natural”, we all admire them. They are not overnight successes love, they are the result of process.

So take that step, darling. Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from moving forward.

Do it, & keep on doing it.

I appreciate you for taking time out to read this. If you have any questions or just want to comment on what you just read, you could leave a comment below or tweet at me.

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