30-Day Writing Challenge



This question almost made me throw out the idea of this challenge altogether, because I truly do not have much to say on this subject. The most I know is my being an Aquarius, and that’s pretty much it. Following horoscopes and reading up on zodiac signs is not something I do, for personal reasons. This is in no way a means of disrespecting people who do; to each their own, I guess.

Horoscopes are a huge deal to many, and a lot of people swear by their readings and zodiac signs. One of your faves even tweeted a while back that her zodiac sign was the reason she exhibited a particular behaviour. I do not know all things, and do not claim to, so I’m not here to argue the validity of that statement and similar alike.

However, where I draw the line is when people use their zodiac signs to justify toxic or negative behavior.

“Oh I shouted at them because I’m a Leo.”

“Ah yes, I didn’t finish that assignment because I’m a Capricorn and Capricorns tend to procrastinate.”

Consistently blaming bad behavior on a zodiac sign does not signal maturity. It’s basically saying, “my failures are everything else’s fault but mine”, which is ridiculous and bordering on foolishness. What should be done is first to take responsibility, and then make efforts to change and become person.

This turned out to be a bit off the topic, I know, but I felt that it had to be said.

Day 17: Check.

By Ada & Her Tune.

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