I did bullet-point my whole day. However I am skeptical whether it will add much value to anyone reading it, and for that reason I’d rather not share. Sharing a few lessons I learnt (or was reminded of) yesterday though, I believe, would be more beneficial.

1) An idea is great. But it’s just an idea, it needs to be developed. In the course of the day my mum and I had to sit down and do some brainstorming over a project of hers. We deliberated on her idea, kept pushing things back and forth, until what was an idea she got in lightbulb evolved into a feasible action plan to begin work on.

You’ve conceived an idea that you believe is going to add value to the world around you? Fantastic! But it’s not enough to just run with it in ‘idea’ form. First, sit. Develop a game plan, either by yourself or with a person who’s opinions you trust. Do some research. Empower yourself with knowledge.

2) Have an open mind. I know we all may have pretty specific ideas of what we think our futures should look like, but it may do us a disservice if we close our minds off completely from anything that doesn’t fit into that plan. Don’t write off your mind to new or different opportunities before you even get a chance to see what it may be like. This life, you actually never know.


Day 15: Check.

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