Consistent movie watching was a staple in my weekly routine at a phase in my life, which is a contrast to my life currently where I watch them sparingly. Nonetheless, I still have my all-time favorites that I’m going to share.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Maybe excluding the first Iron Man movie and Incredible Hulk, but all the rest are pretty much my favourites. They’re all so well thought out and executed, and the manner in which the storylines of the various amazing characters are woven just makes me marvel (pun intended). Everything just fits perfectly into this enormous cinematic universe.

If you’re a huge fan like I am you’d agree that watching Avengers: Endgame was an emotional experience. I may have shed a tear or two. What a way to bow out. Attaining the coveted spot of highest ever grossing movie in the world doesn’t hurt either.

If you want to truly enjoy these movies, I highly recommend you watching them in order so you enjoy them better. When Infinity War came out, people who had hardly watched any preceeding movies trooped to watch it and came out complaining that they didn’t enjoy the film, which obviously made sense since they had little background knowledge of the characters. What they did would be the equivalent of choosing to only watch the last 20 minutes of a movie and complain that it was bad.

The movies I speak of are quite a bunch, so I guess they will do for this post. Here they are:

Please don’t fight me if you don’t agree with the watching order, I didn’t make the rules, some other human on Pinterest did.

So that’s it. MCU, you have my movie love.

Day 14: check.

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