30-Day Writing Challenge




More like MOST THINGS.

If there was an award for Overanalyzer of The Year, I would have qualified consecutively in the past few years. Sometimes I find myself “what if… “-ing a seemingly harmless situation until the molehill becomes a massive mountain.

For me, all those questions stem from a place of worry, which ultimately is rooted in fear. Fear of the unfamiliar. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear in all its dialects.

Asking these questions help me look at a situation from all angles sometimes, you know, thinking up possible scenarios in order to assist in making a decision. But overthinking things does have its bad side. It has the potential to lead one into Analysis Paralysis. The multiple negative scenarios keep on rearing their heads, and what was otherwise fine becomes a big source of worry. So instead of making a decision, the “what ifs…..” keep you stuck in the same place you were.

I’m learning to unlearn this habit. It’s not been easy, but I can’t drive myself crazy with all the “What Ifs”. It’s not healthy for anyone. It seems almost natural to get into a panic and worry myself into a headache, but what doesn’t come as naturally – but easier in the long run – is taking it all to God, laying it at His feet, and picking up His peace that exceeds human understanding.

My goal is to get to a place where my “what ifs……” are less negative or worry-laden, but more positive and hope-filled.

“What if it fails? What if it doesn’t work out? What if they say no? ”

But what if it succeeds? What if it works out beautifully? What if they reply with a yes?

What if we looked at life with a positive attitude? What if we always vowed to see the glass as half-full?

What if.

Day 11: Check.

By Ada & Her Tune.

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