30-Day Writing Challenge




A thief of time.

The current struggle I face.

It starts out with an innocent “oh I’ll do it later”. Later never comes, and the task gets carried over to the next day. I try not to procrastinate over any “big” or potentially life-altering agendas , but my Achilles heel is in all those seemingly inconsequential tasks, like doing laundry.

I realized that there was up side of postponing tasks indefinitely. If I’m being completely honest, I hardly ever made good use of the time I procrastinated a task for. I either ended up sleeping or scrolling randomly through my phone. Then there was the voice in the back of my head gnawing at me to get it done, so I never actually had peace of mind until the task wass out the way.

It’s been a long road, but I’m finally on the road to letting go of this unproductive habit. Something that really helps me is allocating a specific time to each task I have to accomplish. Instead of just saying “I’ll do my laundry later today”, I say “I will do my laundry by 10am today/immediately I’m done with doing so and so”. Setting a timeframe gives me more focus, and somehow helps me get those tasks completed.

I’ve also realised that I do better and achieve more when I schedule my tasks for the morning. This way, I utilize my energy before afternoon comes with its tiredness.

I can’t say I’ve completely left procrastination behind, but I’m definitely working on it.

Day 8: Check.

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