Pet Peeve
  • : something that annoys or bothers a person very much

I’m certain my pet peeves exceed three, but for the purpose of this challenge I shall limit it as so.

3) Feet dragging:

Have you ever been in a quiet place and had someone walk past while dragging along their feet? That sound irritates me so much. Why this person can’t walk without disturbing the peace, I don’t know. I do not understand how healthy humans sometimes find it an extreme sport to lift each leg properly off the floor as they take each step. It’s so flippant, and I am yet to see anyone who thinks of it in a postive light.

If you’re in the habit of dragging your feet when you walk, I don’t think it’s a good one to have. It does not speak good of anyone.

2) Chewing gum in the most reckless way possible:

If you’ve experienced this and dislike it as much as I do, you can agree that this one makes me want to yank out the gum from the chewer’s mouth and throw it far, far away. There’s a decent way to chew gum please, especially in public.

Let’s be guided.

1) “Entitlement Mentality”:

I think this takes the number 1 spot for me. People who behave like everyone owes them something and must give them what they owe really disturb me. The audacity is so shocking. You are not entitled to anybody’s anything. As long as it’s not yours, there is a certain courtesy you need to have when requesting an item or service. Even if you did a seemingly nice deed, you are not entitled to responding nice deed, just because. If the recipient does something positive in return, that’s fine. If not, that’s fine too. It just seems weird to think you have an express right to demand someone’s attention, time or money all because you did something nice for them sometime ago.

When the sole point of doing nice things becomes the hope of getting the reaction you selfishly want, it stops being a nice deed and becomes a manipulative one.

Amidst these and any other pet peeves I may have, I have to be mindful of my reactions when they happen around me. It’s hard to maintain composure when one feels irritated, but it has to be done. If it’s a situation where I have the chance to express my displeasure and correct the person, I am careful to do it in a respectful way, and I try to control my body language.

As long as you don’t live on a desolate island, you will always be exposed to upsetting situations. It will be a great if we try to be respectful and maintain our calm through it all.

Day 3: Check.

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