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It’s Getting (really, really) Hot In Here.

With this fiery and intensely dehydrating weather upon us, we all need to take necessary precautions to ensure that we stay healthy. Here are some tips that can help us during this time.

The effects of global warming have come to a full blossom atop our foreheads, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Decades of industrialization and deforestation have gotten us – and the ozone layer- to this point. The whole world truly is affected, but the juxta-equatorial countries, of which Nigeria is part, experience this humidity in a peculiarly intense way.

Nigeria is very hot right now. Very, very hot. It’s the hottest I’ve ever experienced in my life. For my readers who don’t live in Nigeria, this is how it feels sometimes.

It’s funny, but it’s not funny.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it may be this way or even worse during this season. The World Metrological Organization had predicted prolonged and extreme hot weather across the world. It arrived at this conclusion after compiling data from over 80 weather agencies around the world. The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) is in agreement with this report and has warned Nigerians to prepare to experience more hotter days and warmer nights. So we’re in this for a while folks.

With this fiery and intensely dehydrating weather upon us, we all need to take necessary precautions to ensure that we stay healthy. Here are some tips that can help us during this time:

1) Stay hydrated. I cannot stress this enough. Scientists have recommended that the average adult drink 4-6litres of water per day to maintain adequate hydration. In this heat wave our bodies are producing more sweat to cool us down, and our bodies are losing more water than we might be used to, hence we need to increase our water intake even more. Please aim to drink about 6-8litres per day.

Notice I said water and not just any fluid, because carbonated drinks and juices do not count. They only make you more dehydated.

2) Wear more aerating clothing. We don’t need any special announcement to know that this is probably not the best season for that cute wool sweater. Sure enough, it could be a bit chilly in the mornings and you may want to dress for that, but bear in mind that the weather’s going to be turned up by a couple of degrees as the day goes by. Incorporating brighter colours will also help, because darker surfaces absorb more heat from the atmosphere than lighter ones.

3) Limit your sun exposure, especially between the hours of 12-3pm. The sun is hottest usually about this time. If you have a responsibility that requires you to be out and about around this time, stay shielded. You can get an umbrella, a facecap or visor to give you some shade. Applying a sunscreen cream prior to going out will also help protect your skin. Stay hydrated too! You could faint if you’re dehydated and have prolonged exposure to the sun! Please take a bottle of water with you always.

4) Protect your skin. If you use body/face cream you can also puchase a good one that contains SPF (Sun Protecting Factor). Such creams are popularly known as sunscreen. Not all rays from the sun are beneficial to us, some can be harmful. Now that the ozone layer is depleting and the sun’s rays are stronger, we need to protect ourselves more. SPF can protect your skin from sunburns, hyperpigmentation and premature aging. It also reduces the risk of getting skin cancer. Suncreens are not only meant for lighter skinned people, everyone exposed to the sun’s rays needs them.

5) Take baths before bed. It’ll cool you down, sand it is also good for your personal hygiene because you will scrub off the dirt from all that sweat produced during the day.

Please stay safe everyone.

Thank you for reading! xo

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