You’re pretty for a darkskin girl| A Poem

Inspired by renowned poet Rupi Kaur, I tell one of the experiences which opened my eyes to a sad reality.

I remember vividly

eating my breakfast alone, in peace

this quiet morning

when some dude’s voice interrupted my train of thought

i looked up from my meal to see someone

seating across from me, uninvited and unknown

“hello”, he said, as he tried to initiate a handshake

a handshake I declined

he kept going.

“i saw you eating from across the cafeteria and I just had to come and say hi

you’re pretty, you’re quite pretty for a darkskin girl

i usually don’t talk to darkskin girls but you’re an exception”

the nerve.

i maintained my silence still

then this look of confusion slowly creeped up his face

maybe he was wondering why I didn’t blush and say thank you for the ‘compliment’

why I didn’t consider it the utmost honour that he,

an average-height young male who normally did not holler at darker skinned ladies,

came over to talk to one.

i should jubilate at being called a ‘fine for a darkskin’, he was probably thinking

instead I looked at him blankly, with a tinge of disgust,

not saying a word

he kept on talking though, not deterred by my silence

even got around to asking for my number which I shared

the right one, because that trick doesn’t work anymore these days

Then he tried to call me days later

and when I figured who it was I blocked his number

because I definitely had no business

with someone who thought

that beauty was confined to a skin tone.

By Ada & Her Tune.

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6 replies on “You’re pretty for a darkskin girl| A Poem”

Woooooooow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 If we don’t give them how will they take it??????…. #ScratchesThat… starts over like a grown woman. 👩🏾 Well done Ada, this was a lovely piece.


People need to be educated on this.
As if skin colour determines anything. Imagine being colourist to you fellow country people.
Lovely response babe!


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