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The Greatest Revelation

Have you ever listened to a song that you’ve heard many times and gotten hit with a new meaning? That was me last week, on a cool Sunday evening, listening to Greater than Your Love by Elevation worship. I was lying on my

friend’s bed as the chorus rang through: “great is Your Love, nothing is greater than Your love”. All of a sudden those lines hit me in a way that they’ve never hit before. I kept going over it in my head. “Nothing is greater than Your love”. The more I heard it, the more the truth soaked into my conscious mind. I don’t know if there is any thing, any force greater and more powerful than God’s love for us. Apostle Paul tried to make the early church see it in this letters, He told them that nothing could ever separate them-and us-from the love of God. He prayed that they may understand the height and width and depth of God’s love.

God’s love is just outstanding. He’s a love that makes you question everything you thought knew about love. A love that knows you-not the you that you show everybody-the you that only you know, and even the you that you don’t know, and loves every inch of you. A love that is never done trying. A love that embraces you in the times when you feel the least worthy of an embrace. A love that is relentless. A love that never ends. It’s a love that does not select who it thinks is worthy of it, and for that I’m thankful, because no one is. A love that you cannot escape, even if you try.

God is love. It’s not that He is loving sometimes, He Is Love, Love is who He is. Nothing He does is outside of love. If you’re having trouble knowing God’s qualities, open up 1 Corinthians 13 and substitute the word ‘love’ with ‘God’, I promise you’ll be on track (1 John 4:7-8). His love is not by mistake, it’s not convenient. He so intentional about you! I have read, heard and experienced certain events that just make you marvel about how intentional God is. He’s a love that never leaves the one behind.

God so loved the world, He so loved every single person in this fallen world, that He sent an everlasting redemption seal in the form of Jesus. Just pause and think about this for a few seconds: every sin and evil that has been committed, is being committed and will be committed by every person in the world has already been paid for. From the apparent best to the apparent worst, from the pride of the nation to the scourge of society, He loves every single one. He loves people who may never love Him in return, and He still keeps on loving anyway, isn’t that crazy?

A whole lot of us press God for rhema for deep revelation and all that jazz. That’s not bad to ask, but perhaps the deepest revelation has already been made known to us. Perhaps the ‘greatest’ understanding we can ever have is the understanding of God’s love for us. If we truly grasp this truth, I know that our mind and lives will experience an amazing transformation.

Christmas-and every christian holiday really-is a celebration of His love, displayed through various acts. It may not feel as Christmas-ey as usual, but it still is the season. So dear reader, even though you feel more overwhelmed or stressed than usual, or sad that your account balance isn’t looking jolly at all, whatever may be going on, rejoice in this simple yet profound truth: God loves you. Christ was born in a manger because He does.

Thank you for reading, and Merry Christmas in advance!!

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