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You Can Do It! // + A Giveaway!!

As a single youth I have heard people repeat statements to me in conversations which sound like these: “I’ll do what I want with my body now, when I get older I can be serious”, “you’re not having sex? That’s impossible! No one can do without sex!” and the infamous “body no be firewood“. When the concept of ‘keeping yourself till marriage’ is brought up, many are

quick to say that “as long as there is no penetration/ hymen is still intact then I’m still a virgin and that is what matters”. There are also some of us who think that keeping yourself for marriage does not apply to males, this belief is upheld by both males and females just in case you were wondering.

Truth remains that this issue remains one of the most controversial discussions of our time. There are so many myths and lies around it that many are going through life confused, and in this global confusion the room for error is so wide. This does not have to be so.

If you can trace back, the first time you heard about sex was least likely to be at a church-organised event or from a parent, it was more likely to be from an older friend or cousin or even on the internet. The foundation for our beliefs was gotten from untrusted sources. Why do I say they were untrusted? Because they were not the ones who created sex. If you believe that God created all of man, including our emotional desires, then it means that God created sex. Now if you’ve just purchased a product and want to use it right, wouldn’t it be wise to obtain an instruction manual from the creator of the product rather than hear-say?

This is what a lot of us have done, and maybe are still doing. I think enough us enough of making our decisions based off any standard other than that of the One who ordained it in the first place. Sex, when done in the right setting, is a God-stamped gift which brings blessings, but if done wrong, can do more havoc than you can imagine. That is why it is so important for us to get it right now, so we do not have to suffer later. Doing the right thing may not seem like being on the fun team now, but it will save you from so many unfortunate circumstances. You do not need that unnecessary wahala, trust me.

I am not advocating for just virginity, but purity for both males AND females, single AND married. Our mindsets need to move from the state of a hymen to the state of your heart. Throughout this year, one news story after another has been released with accusations at prominent men of various form of sexual escapades. These are men who have undoubtedly reached the peak of their career, and yet what they did in secret and thought they could cover it up was what ended up disgracing them in the eyes of the entire world. So you think that you can play around now and somehow miraculously turn around once you clock a certain age? You think that marriage will change your heart? Please review those thoughts. The character that will sustain you through life is not built in a day, it is a cumulative of habits that you perform based on the actions you engage in birthed from the thoughts you entertain.

I figure that you may have some questions. Why is sex only for marriage? What does the Bible say about it? Why is ‘having a little fun’ so bad? What is a soul tie? Maybe you’ve made this decision to live right but don’t really seem to get the hang of it. Maybe you”re rethinking what purity means to you. Maybe you don’t even think about it. Maybe you made a mistake in the past and wonder if you’ll ever be whole again. Maybe you got were sexually violated and think there’s no hope for you anymore. I have good news for everyone: there is a way forward!

I do not have to explain it all myself because someone else has already put her God-inspired answers to paper and has written a book which is more scripture-backed and detailed and than I ever could imagine. I am confident that a good read of her book will leave little or none of your questions unanswered. This amazing young woman, Tolulope Adeleke (who also happens to be my good friend), is unveiling her first book titled Unalloyed: Sexual Purity through the Eyes of a Youth. It does not approach sex and purity in a condescending manner that some erroneously treat this topic, but through the knowledge of scripture and her life journey she brings much-needed understanding to what sexual purity means and gives practical solutions on how to walk in purity as a 21st Century youth. I really encourage you to purchase a copy and read it with a heart open to understanding. You’ll be glad you did.

In honour of the book launch holding tomorrow, and because I truly believe that this book will change lives, guess who’s doing a giveaway! That’s right, I am giving away 2 copies of her book to two lucky readers of my blog!!!

Giveaway Rules:

  • You have to be a Babcock University student, either on main campus or Iperu Campus.
  • Go on Instagram, go on my page @adaaarable.
  • Comment #Unalloyed under the last post.
  • That’s all! Two lucky winners will be chosen from the comment section.
  • Giveaway ends on Thursday 25th of October 2018, so hurry!

Thank you for reading.

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