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When No One’s Looking

For this week I felt like doing something different,something that I haven’t done in a while: poetry. The engine’s still a bit rusty as I haven’t used these poetry muscles in a while, so bear with me today 😄. “When No One’s Looking” is what I titled this piece. . I really hope you take away something from this piece though.

So here it is.

A quiet empty room,
The calmness slowly sweeping.
There was a person in there however,
Trying her hardest to stop weeping.

“Lord I’m a hypocrite”, she whispered between tears.
“I have put up this facade, making others think it’s who I’m meant to be
But when I’m alone the complete opposite of that is what I do
And that’s the true me”.

This certain young lady, so lovely, prim and proper
To everyone else she was an example of discipline and chastity,
Held in highest regard by all who knew her
To the outside world she was a woman of integrity.

When no one was looking however, the opposite was the case.
Anywhere she could get away with laziness she took the chance.
Her thoughts were filled with hate, envy and immorality,
And edifying sights were hardly ever in her glance.

For the first time she decided to truly be honest.
Leaving behind the double-faced life she had always known,
She decided to change within and not just have the outward appearance.
To actually ask God to help her be truly be the person she has always shown.

Thank God she’s realised and is making a change.
Here’s the issue now: if you live like she did, will you do the same?
Will you be the same person you claim to be even in your secret place?
Or will the only similarity between your “two-faces” be your name?

God sees all we do, we cannot deceive him.
He knows who we truly are, not who we appear to be.
He judges not by outward looks but by substance of your heart,
His eyes pierce deeper than any human can see.

Who you are when no other human is looking, is who you truly are.

The End.

As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person.
Proverbs 27:19 NLT

Have a blessed day!

By Ada & Her Tune.

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